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No DS record found for the in the org zone

Hello all,


I just purchased the premium DNS service from godaddy for one of my hosted domains.  I created the DS record for the domain as instructed.


I goto the verisign labs to Analyze the DNSSEC and it shows the error in the subject.  The remedy for this is this:


"The parent zone should include DS records for the child zone.  To remedy, the signer of the zone should send the current DS records to the org zone."


HUH?  Isn't this something that Godaddy should do for me?

I opened a ticket with godaddy (Incident ID: 30571915) and the only thing they tell me is that they are unable to troubleshoot this issue as it appears these records have been disabled.  And then they closed the ticket.




Anyone have any insight into this issue?






Helper V

I don't know if I can help but probably anyone that can will need more information.


Where is the domain registered? How are you determining the nameservers that you are using? There is more that is probably needed, but let's start with that much.