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No authorize button to transfer domain from another registrar to godaddy! pls help

I have read the GoDaddy help documents (how to transfer domain from another registrar to godaddy) and it says that I will get an email (Yes, I got it), and I should click the Authorize button to authroize the transfer within 5 days otherwise it won't happen!


The problem is, I DONT have any authorize button or link in the email!! All I got is this email (I did get a transaction ID and security code.. but nowhere to put it)


Here is the screenshot of the email:

ggogaddy transfer.jpg


I have seen some other people in the forum having the same issue, but no solution has been given yet!

Super User I

You can resend the email following the steps of this article, you'll also see if there are any errors listed on the Transfers-in page.

I had the same problem. Under Firefox (a VERY popular browser) the option does not appear. Under google Chrome it worked fine? I have no idea other then I secretly think godaddy wants to make it as difficult as they can so you wont transfer your domain.