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No authorize button to transfer domain from another registrar to godaddy! pls help

I have read the GoDaddy help documents (how to transfer domain from another registrar to godaddy) and it says that I will get an email (Yes, I got it), and I should click the Authorize button to authroize the transfer within 5 days otherwise it won't happen!


The problem is, I DONT have any authorize button or link in the email!! All I got is this email (I did get a transaction ID and security code.. but nowhere to put it)


Here is the screenshot of the email:

ggogaddy transfer.jpg


I have seen some other people in the forum having the same issue, but no solution has been given yet!

Super User II

You can resend the email following the steps of this article, you'll also see if there are any errors listed on the Transfers-in page.

I had the same problem. Under Firefox (a VERY popular browser) the option does not appear. Under google Chrome it worked fine? I have no idea other then I secretly think godaddy wants to make it as difficult as they can so you wont transfer your domain.