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.ORG renewal price increase too much

as an ISP and also a GoDaddy reseller, I deal with many downstream customer's domain renewals ...


and today I had the need to renew a .ORG name registered on a retail GoDaddy account .... and was very surprised to see a large price increase over last year for this renewal ...


using a site like I can see a wide variety of renewal prices for the ORG tld ... making me think the price increase was a GoDaddy decision and not forced upon you by the .ORG people as was suggested by Support when I called them today ...


Please consider reducing the ORG pricing



Agreed. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm a reseller and member of domain discount club. Most of my customers are non-profits, so they have .org email addresses. There was this recent large price increase, which means in turn I now have to raise my prices. And now I'm questioning whether paying for the discount club is even worth it anymore.