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Offsite domain: how can i add multiple ips for failover **** High Availaiblity ***

Dear Fellaz,

             Refer to subject cited above i have offsite domain hosting from godaddy in which i have added an ip and my domain started to pointing to my server. But now i have two more ISP's i wants to add two more IP's so if one ISP (IP) goes down other ip will come up. How can be that possible please help.




Hello @MuhammadUsman,


If you're pointing to your hosting using nameservers, you'll need to make these changes with them. However, if you're hosting your DNS with us, you could set all those extra IPs up as A records all pointing to @ host. Use this guide to add each additional IP.



Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hi heather thanks for replying. Right now i am using godaddy's DNS and using A record via my live ip to go to my web server. I have already tried putting multiple A records but it didn't worked. My one live IP went down and second never came alive even first one was down. Please guide me further.



The option I suggested is based on a round robin system where all ips share the same load and may not do what you want. For what you're trying to do, you would need to have secondary DNS setup. We offer a service called Premium DNS that provides that option. Otherwise, you'd want to find a DNS provider that would allow you more access when editing your DNS records.


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Sir i have bought premium dns now please guide me further how to proceed with secondary ip? images attached of activity i have done.



I am also looking solution for the same. I have doming and two static ip address. How can i point the single domain with two static ip's .

This moderator is INCORRECT.  Premium DNS will NOT allow you to set up a failover A record, which is what the OP requested.  I just purchased the service based on this post and only then found out that this is not possible.  You can see more information below.

It is not fair. 40e for premium DNS on sugestions from moderator and no DNS failover A record. 😞

GoDaddy DNS and Premium DNS have a high TTL or DNS cache value and they also don't offer failover so you'll have to use an external service.

If you want to use Failover you can upgrade your DNS service to a managed DNS provider or you can use what's known as CNAME Failover.  CNAME Failover is offered by a few providers such as my company CloudFloorDNS and others like DME

CNAME failover provides you with a DNS account and a domain we provide. You can keep your domain at GoDaddy and still benefit from failover.   A better solution is to separate your DNS from GoDaddy and upgrade to a true managed DNS. This get's you better DDoS protection, DNS Failover, Faster DNS and all the other benefits from a company that focuses on DNS


Good luck