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Outgoing Domain Transfer Denied - Unable to remove Whois Privacy Protection Service



Please can somebody help me?


I always used to transfer my domain names "To Godaddy" or "Away From Godaddy" while "Privacy Protection" was still enabled. Today I discovered that Godaddy's system requires Privacy Protection to be removed before transferring domain names away from Godaddy.


I am trying to transfer domain names from Godaddy to another registrar. Godaddy's system denied the transfer and requested that I remove Privacy Protection. I have since cancelled the privacy protection. The control panel clearly indicates that Privacy Protection is not owned for any of the domain names. Unfortunately, the Contact details from within the Godaddy control panel are not updating and are still displaying the Privacy Protection Information. (The Whois reports for my domain names are also still displaying the Privacy Protection Information. I need the "" email address to be replaced with my original Registrant email address. Otherwise I cannot proceed.


All emails sent to [my domain] are not being delivered to me. Please also note that a few minutes before I initiated the transfer requests, I sent a test email to [my domain] as was still listed as the Registrant email address in the the whois report. The relevant test email was successfully delivered to me. I then discovered a few minutes later after initiating the transfer request, that " [my domain] was changed to [my domain] for all of my domain names.



1) I am unable to phone customer service as I am based overseas and I do not have a landline number but only mobile number which is very very expensive to call the Godaddy Support number .

2) I just want to transfer the domain names to the new registrar, but unless the Godaddy system replaces the Privacy Protection information with my own contact details, I will be unable to transfer my domain names away.


I am for security reasons not providing the domain names nor any of my account details via this Post. If you (Godaddy Support) are able to match my community Username with my account then could you please revert the private contact information to my original registrant information for all of the domain names in my account?


I would be most appreciative for your assistance and response.


Thank you.

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this is a public forum. You need to phone support or use the live chat service. With all due respect managing any websites or domains with only a mobile phone is quite shortsighted. 

You could ask a friend who does have a landline, or use the live chat service instead. 

You may consider this a harsh reply, but to actually get help here for your problems is a bottle with a message thrown into the sea because only support can help you. This is an admin and personal problem, not a technical general problem. 

Whilst we helpers here are good (if I may say so), at the end of the day we are members of the public. We do not have access to your account. Only support do. 





Thank you for your response, and thank you for clarifying how the community system works. I now have a better understanding of the way forward and how the system works.


I am using a desktop PC to manage my domains. The online chat facility was not available at all to my home country/time zone. The only option that I was aware of, was to phone support via a mobile phone which is much too costly at my local mobile network provider's rates. Fortunately, after many attempts and a number of hours later, I managed to locate an active chat button, and took advantage of the opportunity.



Godaddy have reached out to me, and they said that I must wait up to 24 hours for my Registrant Contact details to become available after the Private Registration facility has been cancelled.


I have transferred many domain names previously, "to Godaddy" and "away from Godaddy", and considered the Transfer service to be very efficient, but now that Private Registration has to be cancelled before domain names can be transferred, and delays in reverting the Registrant details back to the original, has dramatically impacted the process for me.


Nevertheless, I am trusting that I will be able to re-initiate the outgoing transfer after 24 hours has elapsed.


Once again, thank you for taking the time to respond.

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im glad you seem to be getting it sorted out, I wish you luck.