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Overseas Organization Certificate in .CN reg



please what does it mean "Overseas Organization Certificate"? I want to register .CN domain to our company and an officially certified translation of the national register extract was not accepted...Does anybody knows?



Jan Sevela


Hi @zelena-planeta,


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While our article leaves it up to the registrant to know the individual forms needed for their country's business documents, I found this online that may help you out. You'll see it mentioned in the second section of this page. You may wish to research the document online for further information, or respond to any email from GoDaddy asking for that type of document.



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hello @TLH 

If I understand correctly, the following applies to us:


1. The requirements for overseas business/individual applicants are as follows: - A copy of government issued company registration certificate (any country) - Individuals: A copy of government issued ID of authorized contact person



And that's exactly the kind of document we sent (A copy of government issued company registration certificate), I also tried an officially certified translation to English. But both with rejection, but I don't know the reason, so I don't know what they're missing. That's why I'm asking someone else's experience if they had the same problem.


I still can't think where the problem might be.


Jan Sevela