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Paid Who Is Opt Out - GDPR compliance

I would like to remove my contact information from my Whois entry for some of the non-trading domains I own as an individual.
As nominet allow this to be done for non trading individuals I don’t see how it could be argued to be a necessary processing activity. Therefore this processing (and goddady’s charging of a fee to obtain this reduced level of processing and therefore increased privacy) can not be argued to be compliant with GDPR (regardless of the lawful basis being used for processing).
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I'm going to type this and copy it to a notebook document to paste repeatedly every day.......

1.) Nominum is in a different country than godaddy and US companies are subject to feelsthat don't exist in outher countriies.

2.) BUT those countries often charge more altogether in taxes 

3.) A domain bought through nominet is $80. Not $10 as it is at godaddy. Sure it comes with freebies but it cosrs more. Sure you can transfer a domain over for year 1. But in year 2 you're gonna pay the full $80 fwhile at godaddy you can get the domain for $19 and security for $7.99. So $18.99 vs $80 and people are holding nominet up as if it's a superior value? Sure yuo can transfer your domain but even if you buy a 5 year domain, your transfer to nominet is only good for a year. Then you'll spend $80 right at the end of year 1 when  you would have spent $40 at godaddy. And each year after it's $80 vs $20. 


Well that's just swell. I guess all that means that GoDaddy are also exempt from GDPR?




Also - is it a revelation that a customer who placed an order with a quite cost ISP, who's purchase decision was partly based on cost, is annoyed about having to pay extra for privacy?

Hey @ojobson,


The issue you're describing sounds specific to your customer account for GDPR compliance. If you're not able to find the information you need from the link provided, you'll need to contact our live support for further assistance. Because this is a public forum, none of the members here in the community will have direct access to your account to assist with the removal of your Personal Identifiable Information.
You can contact our 24/7 phone support team for immediate assistance at any of the numbers listed here. If you don't wish to call, you can reach out to our chat support team. They are available Monday – Friday, 5 am to 6 pm (GMT/UTC -7) on our US Help Page.
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