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Paid for domain transfer one month ago - cancelled with no notice

On November 1, I paid to transfer my domain name (recurring) through PayPal. I have the receipt. Now GoDaddy tells me it's been cancelled - no reason given - no advance notice. The domain name is not on my account.

Former Employee

Greetings @highlandskye and welcome to the community.

Perhaps this will help explain the issue. Domain transfer requests do not remain open indefinitely, the registries would not allow that to tie up registration processes, so most are limited to 30 days and auto-cancel after that.


Your question did not state if it was a .COM, .NET or other extension. However, when you purchase a transfer request (for most domains) an email is sent to the account holder and to the administrative contact on the registration with transfer completion instructions. Most transfers require verification and/or code entry.


A how-to on registration transfers follows:


At this point I would contact support to examine the possibility of restarting your request.


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