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Parked domain even after adding custom nameservers


I have purchased the domain from godaddy and used a freehosting site to host my site. I have added the nameservers provided by the hosting site to godaddy nameservers.

When I tried to use my office PC to navigate to my website ( it blocks saying that it is a parked domain.

I can visit it in my home pc without a problem. This only happens at my office pc. I tried clearing cache and everything. Not even once it has let me go to the site.

It has been few months and still shows the same. Is it something to do with the hosting site?


Please help!



Helper III
Helper III

Re: Parked domain even after adding custom nameservers

Hey @dezlabz!


It sounds much more likely there is some issue either with your office PC, or with the DNS server that your office PC is pointed to.


There are multiple possibilities that I can think of:

- You have a hosts file entry on your office PC for your site that points to the wrong IP address

- Your office PC's DNS Cache may not be getting cleared for some reason

- Your company is running some DNS appliance that is not configured properly

- Your company's ISP has a misconfigured DNS server


There may be other possible causes, but I can't think of any others at the moment.


You can double check that your hosts file does not contain any entries for your site.  In windows, the hosts file is C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts or in Mac/Linux it is /etc/hosts.


You can try clearing your DNS cache as well.  To do this, first close all your browsers, and then open a command prompt.  On the command prompt. type "ipconfig /flushdns" (without the quotes).  If you did it correctly, you should get a message that the resolver cache was cleared.


If neither of those resolves the issue, it is likely a problem with one of your upstream DNS servers at your office.  You probably can't solve those issues directly, you would probably have to contact your IT department.  If it turns out you need to do this, it would probably be helpful to provide them with the output of "nslookup" from both your home PC and your office PC so they can investigate the issue.


Hopefully this information is helpful for you.  Good luck, and hope you get the issue resolved!

Re: Parked domain even after adding custom nameservers

Thank you for reply. I will try your suggestions.