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Password Not Working & Don't Know Support PIN


I purchased from GoDaddy a domain for 10years (2008-2018)

GoDaddy assigned me a customer number before but AFTER some years when I tried to log-in using that customer number GoDaddy said the number is invalid and the passwords do not work, so GoDaddy assigned me a new customer number Although number and password are working I do not see the domain name I purchased in the Account Settings.

I know the domain is up for renewal next year

I called Voice Support of GoDaddy in PH but the call center agent is a moron, he had a hard time getting the name right eventhough I already spelled it several times The agent also had poor English communicating skills

I wanted to try Chat Support of GoDaddy but BOTH PH and US Chat are NOT working

I need help to get back to my account Please help Thanks

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Hey @duterte,


I'm not GoDaddy Support but I hate that you had a bad experience with a GoDaddy Support Representative. I usually find the phone support team to be quite helpful. Again I'm not support but I feel the "moron" comment a bit offensive. I have had several experiences where a call center representative wasn't completely familiar with my issue. I have had a representative that I feel wasn't the best in handling my issue. In those cases I try not to let my frustration get the best of me or blame the support team as I realize they are only trying to be of assistance.


As to your issue the thing I would say is that maybe you have control of the email account associated with your first GoDaddy account? If you do a password/account recovery is possible. Additionally there maybe the receipt with the account details is still in your mailbox? 2008 is a bit ago for a email but I have receipts from that long ago.


Typically to get accounts merged the data in both accounts need to be the exact same. If your old account and your new account line up you can merge them with the assistance of a GoDaddy representative. I hope that helps? #justtryingtohelp

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