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Paying for Domain Privacy is now nothing more than a scam add-on

Paying for Domain Privacy is now nothing more than a scam add-on


I just registered a domain with privacy but already in less than a week I have over 40 spam emails associated with that domain from every corner of the earth.


How much money does GoDaddy make on this scam add-on?

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Domain privacy does not protect you from spam if you post a contact email on your website, another cause of spam is the use of a design downloaded from the Internet, usually modified to allow hacking or spam, among other causes.
One solution would be the creation of rules in cpanel for blocking spam.

There is no website yet or hosting or email accounts or themes or anything except a domain registration with "privacy"


I just paid a freelancer to tell me the owner and email associated with the domain and they responded correctly in a matter of minutes. Their explanation was that there is a timing issue caused by registrars like GoDaddy which opens up the opportunity to data scrape the private information within minutes of customers paying for privacy!


So tell me again, how can GoDaddy (or any registrar) justify charging for domain privacy?

If through a whois your information already appears hidden and if you are using a mail from yahoo, gmail, msn or other similar I recommend not to open the spam mail and delete them, you will see that after a while they will stop arriving, now if this mail spam arrive from prestigious sites, open them and click unsubscribe.

Your reply really is a new level of pathetic!


You're charging customers for something which you don't deliver

and we have the means to take this matter further.


Is this really the stance of one of the worlds largest domain name registrars?

Hi @taylor3.


Welcome to the Community.

The people participating in our Community forums are largely volunteers and not employees of GoDaddy, unless stated. Please contact the customer support team at any of the numbers in the link below if you need information concerning the GoDaddy privacy process. 


There are indeed several reasons that your information may be available, some of them kindly advised by @clarvar - like you, a member of this Community. As you have not stated the domain involved, our community is unable to check any other whois results for you. There are a large number of these directories online, and up to each one of them to refresh the information provided to them through the Registry.



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