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Pointing Domains to SquareSpace

I have two domains that have been hosted for years by my friend. They are no longer updating servers and everything is a mess. I need to point domains to my squarespace website but I'm embarrassed to say I have been looking and am unsure how to make this happen!?? Help please.


Hi there, don't be embarrassed, this article should help you out with pointing your domain's to Squarespace: ^KayJay  

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I can't call GoDaddy's helpline, the chat isn't working at the moment and I can't find an email address so I'm hoping someone can help me here

I have a squarespace website that I am trying to connect to my godaddy domain. I have added the DNS settings manually as recommended by Squarespace. My squarespace settings tells me there is an issue with the www CNAME.

When I search my domain - - it says it's parked.

Could this be down to a problem with my email verification? I recently changed the email address on my account and I can't find a way to verify the email (I didn't get the orange banner notification). 

When I just logged into GoDaddy again just now, I got a message saying "Auth Invalid" and it says its under investigation

Please help! 



Greetings @cristalinaic, .This appeared to be a CNAME issue which is covered in our help index Regarding Squarespace® the configuration information follows:


The good news is that it looks like it is working now (and is not "parked"). A check of appears to pull up a current and live counseling website. Perhaps that means It may have been a propagation issue (DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to propagate across the entire Internet).


We're glad that it's up and welcome your future posts, but please bear in mind that the community can provide general information, advice, and educated guesses. However, individual threads may receive responses from community members hours or even days after a post, so this isn't a reliable or optional way to obtain timely account support (especially since we cannot access the referenced account).


A list of your local account support resources is at the "help" link above.



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