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Pointing domain to new server

Hi all,

I am writing on behalf of my client. The client has one account and is apparently using two servers with GoDaddy. The old server (currently has the old site. The new server ( has the new site in a dev/ directory. The client was asked to make the new server and the sub-domain point to the dev/ directory. (Didn't think it was such a big deal). Two months have gone by and they can get it done.

GoDaddy told them to do it themselves. For a bunch of people who don't understand these things at all, that is almost impossible.

I have a clue and took a look at the domain management system, and frankly I am confused too.

GoDaddy's chat has been offline for two days, and I need answers.

1. Should everything be pointing to the same IP:

2. Is this going to affect their email forwards (on the old server)? And do I need to set them up again on the new server?

3. What about sub-domain? Can I point it to the dev/ directory? If so, where do I do this? Do I need to delete the current set up in the domain management area first?


See image of domain management here:

Any help would be well appreciated.

the entire new site is on hold until this is resolved.

Thank you,

Debra (xira)



Helper VI

Hello @xira


I think that all you have to do is to Change Primary Domain from your hosting.

How to do it, depends on your type of hosting, but that you can choose here:


Also, you might need this:


Good luck.


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