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Predefined DNS-records

Dear everyone,
Could someone with a kind soul please find out and tell me what DNS-records are set by GoDaddy at the DNS-management page by default from the very beginning? If I remember right there are 4 removable (optional) types of entries plus 2 nameservers. I had no clue that once a template is applied all entries in the existing table are gone for good. I accidentally replaced all predefined and custom DNS-information and it seems there's no way to restore them. A screenshot of an untouched DNS-configuration page would be enough. 


My sincere thank you for your consideration, support and time,



Hello @Norgepiraten!


Thank you for posting. You can park your domain to get it back to default settings. Are you hosting your site somewhere? 


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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