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Preset Profiles

Are Domain Preset Profiles still supported?  I can't get them to work anymore.  I created new profiles so that I can transition my Custom Name Server settings.  I've contacted Godaddy support and I've gotten 3 different answers:

1. I'm doing it right

2. Legacy system - No longer support

3. Never heard of Preset Profiles

Does Domain Locks or Privacy settings impact the deployment of new Preset Profiles?


Former Employee

Hi @jconger,


Sure Preset profiles still work, but you have to be in "List View" (that's the legacy part). For issue number 3 you must have gotten someone on their first week (sorry). Anyway, here is the how (and locking and renewal can be selected, including privacy).


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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