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Godaddy - great technical service but trust in your brand is damaged when we receive spam emails and calls after registering domains with you as I have recently.

I have now added privacy to the domain in question but still they come.

It feels as if you have passed on my personal data to third parties, especially as the spam happens almost immediately after registration. IE spammers scraping the public record would not be so quick.

For your sake and ours, please build some level of privacy into your basic package or revisit your own policy on sharing sales data with third parties. Thanks BKM

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Hi @bkm,


you would be very surprised how fast a script / bot can scrape public records............ look at how well google or Facebook find info about you out!

It cost nothing to implement spam filters on your email or withheld number blocks on a phone. I use both! 

It's annoying, but so are wasps at a picnic.They won't stop me having picnics though!




I have also recently started getting spammed by web designers immediately after signing up with GoDaddy, and in the emails they specifically knew that I had just registered my domain name even though I haven't published a website yet so it's definitely because my information has been shared through this site. It's very annoying, but also violating and frustrating that I don't have control over who has my personal information. I assumed this was a trusted web service but it seems sketchy to me now.