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Pro Client Management

Why is that GoDaddy is consistently making backend changes that no one at their support centers understands or have prior knowledge of? 


I am a GoDaddy Pro Client.


I manage approximately 16 Client accounts through my GoDaddy Pro Dashboard.  I have done this since 2017. 


I have clients in the dashboard dating back to that period.  For some reason on all of my clients added to my dashboard prior to October 2019 I no longer have access to modify their DNS records for their domains. 


Any client added after October 2019 I have full DNS access. 


When I try to change DNS record for a domain of a client in my dashboard that I have been connected to prior to October 2019 I get an "Oops' GoDaddy error message.  I have called in on this issue three times. 


The two times prior the technicians could not figure out the issue and just offered to make the required DNS changes manually for me.  Today, since I had more time available I decided to call in and request a ticket be opened to finally get this resolved.  I


was told by a support rep who was relaying information to some other tier 2 support technician via chat that this was because the clients never gave me permission to modify their DNS records. 


This is a LIE! A complete guess by someone who has no clue what they are talking about!


On each of these clients dating back to 2017 I have always been able to and on more than one occasion have modified their DNS records through my GoDaddy Pro Dashboard. 


Today I'm told I need to email every one of my older clients a KB support article on how they need to learn to go into their accounts and "Modify Folder" settings.  THIS IS RIDICULOUSLY INSANE!  And a huge waste of time! And the technicians today have no clue what they are talking about as to how this all works.  


The simplest way to do it, if in fact what I believe has happened has taken place would to give me the option to delete the client from my Pro Dashboard and then readd them, that way when they click to approve its all automatic for them.  They don’t need to know how to modify folder delegation, etc.


Whats crazy is the amount of absolutism conveyed in the authority of how all of this works by GoDaddy representatives who obviously have no clue. 


All clients added or sent access requests after October 1, 2019 work perfectly fine.  All clients access request approved prior to that date do NOT work.  When I try to change DNS for a client added to the Pro Dashboard Prior to October 2019 I don’t get a “You don’t have permission.” notification as I do when I try to purchase a new service for a client who hasn’t given me access, NO.  I get an “Oops” error with a telephone number to call to get it resolved that wants me to wait on hold for 54 MINUTES!.  Only to talk to people who have no clue and can’t fix anything so they guess with options that only further waste my and my client’s time. 


The only common denominator in all of this is the GoDaddy Pro Dashboard that obviously some GoDaddy idiot has made a change to the way permissions are handled and when they did so inadvertently screwed up the Pro connection to any clients added prior to October 2019.


Get this FIXED!  And pleas get some technicians that actually want to resolve issue and not just pass the buck!

Community Manager

Hi @stevenmayjr. Thanks for your feedback. I can remember seeing other posts about this a while back and I know that we did make a change to how domain management permissions worked. I believe this was tied into our old delegate access platform but I'm not sure. Either way, that doesn't sound like a great position to be in. I will for sure pass on your experience to the team that manages the Pro platform. I'm not sure there is another way to gain the access you want for your older clients, but I'll see what I can find out. 


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