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Problem moving my domain to another GoDaddy account

Hello, I would like to transfer domain to another Godaddy account, but it says:



  • Transfer domain to another GoDaddy account (disabled)

In forum, they say that I should turn off Protected Registration, but when I looked to my domain it says:

Protected Registration: Set up needed what I suggest means that it is not turn on. Anyway when I try to set it up, it says my country is not supported for 2-step verification. Now I am confuse ... Can you let me know how I can transfer domain to another godaddy account? Thanks




Hi @miroslav1 ,


Welcome to the community!


In order to move a domain from one GoDaddy account to another, you must remove the Protected Registration and privacy from the domain. If the instructions below don't help you with this action, please contact customer support so they can review the status of your domain.




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