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Purchased a private domain, got a standard

I'm sure I added the private option when purchasing a domain today. However, this option has not been added. I called the customer service and the agent "Ace" was veeery slow, maybe falling asleep while on the phone. He told me I can cancel the purchase, which I did, but this is not reflected on my account. He also told me .uk domains cannot be made private through, but he was so disinterested and unmotivated on the whole, that I'm not sure I believe this information.


I have 3 questions:

1) why I was charged for the privacy option, but not actually given the option?

2) how can I cancel this purchase, or add the privacy option to it?

3) how can I complain about the agent I was talking to?



Community Manager

Hi @aneczka. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community!


Sorry to hear you had a difficult support experience. For many years, we were not able to add Private Registration to a .UK domain registration. This changed a few months ago. That may have been why the agent was confused. I will make sure your feedback gets to the right people so your call can be reviewed.


If you purchased the service, it should have worked for you. The only reason I can think that this wouldn't have applied is if it was purchased for a different domain. Private Registration is purchased on a per domain basis. This information should help you add Private Registration if you need to. The information on this page would help you cancel it. If you have any difficulty, please do get back in contact with our support team so they can help get this straightened out.


By the way, the.UK registry (Nominet) also provides it's own type of privacy. I believe this is available for free for anyone that has a personal website. You can find out more about that by viewing the PDF linked on this page. Hope this helps. 


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