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Quick Economy Shopping Cart not showing up

My quick shopping cart,, is not populating when I type the URL. It gives me the following message: 


This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

Any idea as to what the issue could be? I called in two days ago and the gentleman that helped me said something about the shopping cart not pointing to the DNS. He said he corrected it and it should work within the next hour or 24 hours. 
Thanks again. 
Former Employee

Hi @PaulSiker!


I just went to, and it's definitely showing that it's coming up. I am seeing the full URL as I was able to bring it up in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


Have you tried clearing your cache recently? If you are on a PC desktop, you can hit shift+control+delete at the same time, or in any browser and on any device, you can go into the Settings/Options and Clear History/Clear Cache/or Clear Browsing Data.

I hope that helps!