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Received an email saying that my domain ownership update has expired but mine are set to auto-renew?

Hi, I just received an email saying that my domain ownership update has expired. 

Under it says that if I'd like to restart the process I need to request the change again.

However. both of my domains are on auto-renew and one of them expires in September and the other one expires in November, so I have no idea what to do...


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Re: Domain ownership.

@isaexplora, Always be careful with emails regarding your domains/websites as there are many scams out there.  To avoid something phishy, type the address in yourself instead of clicking a link, login and check for discrepancies.

Re: Domain ownership.

Future home of something quite cool. plese helpe me


Re: Domain ownership.

Hi @newhdpoint,


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Your domain is either directed to the wrong hosting plan or you do not have a valid home page loaded into your hosting plan. "Future home of something quite cool" is a default page when nothing else is there. You might want to contact our customer support so they can review what's going on for you.



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