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Redirect a GoDaddy website to weebly?


I just bought the domain, and I want to redirect it to my free weebly website,

That is, I want that when someone types "", he is redirected to my weebly site. Is that possible and issue-free?

Thanks in advance  🙂

Resolver II

Re: Redirect a GoDaddy website to weebly?

Hello @elefteria,


You are requesting to forward your website to weebly 🙂 this is absolutely free and you can do it by following these steps:


  1. Go to your GoDaddy Control Panel
  2. Go to the Domain Page
  3. Select your domain and click Use my domain
  4. Now click the connect button and there you can choose your Weebly website 🙂



If this solved your problem please click the Accept as a Solution Button below 🙂


Premton Xhafa

GoDaddy Community Contributor

Re: Redirect a GoDaddy website to weebly?

HI, I didn't find the "use my domain", but I have used "FORWARDIG" and I put the address of the site to re direct, is that correct?