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Redirect domains hosted in other countries to my GoDaddy domain

Hi guys,

I've registered two domains in another country (where they'll be hosted) and I would like these to be redirected to my primary domain hosted at GoDaddy.

For example when browsing to I want to be redirected to

The ISP for the two domains hosted in another country have created DNS records for both with CNAME records that point to my primary domain.

However when browsing to the two domains I'm redirected to a "pageok" page.

I've raised this with GoDaddy and they say the issue is with the ISP but they're not sure what else they need to do.


Can anyone help me?


Thank you kindly.


Instead of creating CNAMEs I would recommend just forwarding the two secondary domains to the primary.


And to make sure I understood you, and are supposed to point to, correct?

Thank you for the reply.


Yes, and are hosted in another country and are supposed to point to hosted at GoDaddy.


Is the forwarding of the secondary domains configured at GoDaddy or on the Name Servers for the two secondary domains?