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Refund Request

How to Resolve this issue as not customer support of any sort is available?????

Yesterday operators could enter online discussion and today I see that I can no longer do so. You know why I can not get in touch with them?

I followed the steps indicated to me delete some areas of my account to be able to return the money. I was told that I will receive e-mail notification about the money back but after 24 hours and still did not receive anything by mail.




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Hi @dan33,


Customer support: Arizona local time 5am to 6pm.

There are busy periods where chat agents are not available. There may be a wait period before being able to connect with an agent.


Phones 24/7...............

I needed confirmation e-mail to solving my money back, but I see that it is more than 24 hours and still I have not received any e-mail .... Hopefully they are professionals and are not scammers

Helper I

They have 24 hour support 7 days a week. Pick up the phone and call them. They will be able to tell you if the refund is pending or it was not processed. 

Also you can go to your account settings and look for the receipt that has the order number that you got refunded for but at the end there a letter R (for refund) if its there, it means that it has been processed so check your spam folder and give it time for the money to appear. It can take days for the money to get back to your bank account, because they are international transfers.