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Refund for wordpress and domain not possible?

Hello everyone, I called customer support about a refund but they said they can't do anything after 30 days. What are my options? I would really like a refund in full and am a bit disappointed with customer service. The guy I spoke to was great so no problems with him, the problem I have is with the customer service policy. After trying the website/business route and not liking it at all and finding it didn't help my business grow, why is a refund out of order? 



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Hi @MikeYPG1337,

the terms are set out before you buy or try, 30 days! You signed the terms so you agreed to the terms.

You then can't expect to 'bend' the terms because your business plan didn't quite work out.


You would expect to go to a restaurant, eat all of your meal, then desert and then say it wasn't to your satisfaction, you wanted your money back. You would be given plenty of opportunity to say you were not satisfied with your meal, before you finished every crumb and licked the plate!


Godaddy give you 30 days to make up your mind that the product or service meets requirements. A restaurant on the other hand gives you around 30 minutes! Then the restaurant chef gives you around 30 seconds start before he chases you with sharp implements when you try to run without paying! 

Your complaint is unjustified, and everybody here with any sense would agree with the 'customer service policy'.... which is really just your interpretation of Terms & Conditions that you agreed upon.


.... with all due respect!

I get all your points and they make sense except for the meal analogy. But what I am saying is in the first 30 days if everything seemed good and down the line you become unsatisfied or want to go a different route than you basically just leave the domain and everything and it just sits there etc? Just seems odd that theres no money back guarantee. This isn't a meal where the item disappears, these are domains and word press accounts that, if refunded, could always be sold to someone else/serviced for someone else

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You would stop eating the meal, you wouldn't finish it. The same way you would stop using the service before the 30 days were up!


"these are domains and word press accounts that, if refunded, could always be sold to someone else/serviced for someone else"


Godaddy provide a service not products. Your domain and hosting can't just be "sold to someone else" to recoup costs? You used their services after agreeing to their terms. You can't argue that the terms are not fair after agreeing to them.

I don't think you fully grasp the idea of 'providing a service' not 'products' of the internet of things.