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Release all

I just tried to get a domain name with you but couldn`t redirect it as it should be. Is that so dificult? Anyway, this not of your concern anymore. Just release it so I can move forward... NOW



Super User II

If the domain was recently registered there is a 60-day hold before it can be transferred.


Where were you trying to point the domain?  Have they given you the appropriate settings?

I wished to point it to my bedroom... I have so much problems finding a viable solution... Just having "" getting to ""...
You may find my a little dumb. Maybe I am. But at the same time, that`s why I tried GoDaddy, which is a dumb name...
Thanks for your answer, I lost money again...


If that's a static IP address you can point your domain with an A record.


Host: @

Points to: (static IP address)


If it's a dynamic IP address you'll need a Dynamic DNS service, you can refer to your favorite search to find providers.


Note that if you are using home internet service this may violate their Terms of Service and there's a chance they outright block it's use.  Check with your ISP for what options are available to you.


Just point the domain, what troubles are you having with this?


After the initial 60 day hold you'll be able to unlock the domain and transfer to another provider if you still want.