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Remove auto-renewal from a protected domain?

I have a domain expiring that I do not want to renew. It is set for auto-renewal but I can't remove the auto-renew selection because the domain is protected. How do I remove the protection so I can select do not auto-renew for the domain?

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Hi @Palmer55555,

You say it is due to expire, yet auto renew. This seems contradictory, could you explain how it's due to expire? 

What is your domain name?


Yes, per my domain manager list it is set to auto-renew on the March 23. When I select to edit the auto-renew option to remove the auto-renewal the next window opens, I select OK to remove the auto-renew checkmark, another window opens saying there is an error and it can't be processed because the domain is protected. Guess I'll call them tomorrow. Can't locate an email link to contact them.