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Remove scrollbars from Domain Manager

The godaddy domain management control panel has up and down scrollbars and sideways scrollbars when you have a lot of domains.


My monitor is quite big and I am wondering if anyone has a script or something to remove the scrollbars so the contents move with the browsers scrollbar instead of the godaddy window.

Former Employee

Greetings @MapleDots,


There may be better answers out there in The Community, but my two cents is that it is doubtful that this is possible. You are seeking to control one (GoDaddy) environment that you are viewing in another (browser) environment. Although, if your monitors are large enough to zoom out, you may get full page views.

Note: there are several searchable browser app solutions out there to minimize the browser environment and reduce those scroll bars to 4 pixels or even less if one wants narrow scroll control, but I know of no way to suppress scroll bars in their native environment. - Community???


I appreciate the inquiry,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Whenever I make a change the bottom 2 domains disappear and I have to refresh the page (chrome browser). The goddady copyright element covers the bottom of the window.


I blocked that with my ad blocker as well as the element above the window and it is a much bigger window.