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Removing template to edit DNS IP?

My web page is hosted by WEEBLY, I have just activated SSL. They want me to point my IP to a new address. GoDaddy says "remove WEEBLY template" before I can update my IP address in the DNS settings. Is this a safe thing to do and do I need to reinstall/put it back?


I understand that I need to put the new IP address in two different locations in the GoDaddy DNS settings: which ones?

Thanks for any help



Hi @CZ-Robert


It sounds like you may need to re-create custom nameservers for your domain as it is advising that you cannot edit the nameservers as you have set it up. While you have not mentioned the specific domain, see if the article below will assist you in this process.


Set custom nameservers for domains registered with GoDaddy:


And of course, our customer support can assist at one of the numbers below.





TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I did not really understand your answer. My domain name is


Where do I enter the new addresses and can I safely remove the template? I did not put it there, either GoDaddy or Weebly set it up that way. I suppose it has to be put back?

Test supplied by Weebly:

Hello, I have purchased my domain from you. I have built my website on I need you to point my domain to the following IP:

This is done by changing my domain's A-Records. I am not requesting that you transfer my domain, redirect my domain, or change my name servers. I want to remain with you as my domain registrar. For more detailed information, please see


This what I need to do ...



Hi @CZ-Robert


Our records show that your IP address / A Record is already updated the the address you show in your reply and your website is resolving properly.


Let the community know if you need further assistance.



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Thank you for the feedback and help - I left it as it was and hope the WEEBLY side of things will sort themselves out.