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Resetting default DNS

Is there a way to reset default DNS name servers and records for a domain? I'm having problems with the name servers of my host and I would like to restart from scratch. Currently, I'm not even able to modify the DNS records given that the whole section disappeared.


I tried selecting 'Default' in the Nameservers drop down, but I receive this error: 'Domains must be in an eligible status.'


Re: Resetting default DNS

Hi @Just_Alby,

Welcome to our forums! You can only restore default settings for CNames. Without having access to your domain it will be hard to determine the issue. You will want to reach out to our support team. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Resetting default DNS

Hello , how can i reset my DNS setting & NameServer , I think i change some setting by mistake now i am facing a problem. when i enter my website address its redirect to a godaddy page, Please Help me ...



Resetting default DNS

Hi all, 


I have screwed up my DNS, I guess. 


I have, aka www.😹😹😹.ws

I was fiddling with getting that to be the custom domain for a Github page; and I did that. And then decided I want to undo it, and make 😹😹😹.ws do nothing but forward to a page.

OK fine, but now I think my DNS is messed up.  I *think* I need an A record?
But if so, what is my IP? All the whois lookups I can find return an error for


But overall, the question is, how can I get all this domain reset to default? Then I'll just use the little dialog boxes to set the forwarding


Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 6.13.23 PM.JPG



Re: Resetting default DNS

OK it looks like this is fixed -- via a workaround.


I deleted the forwarding and waited a while.  Then I recreated the forwarding, using the little dialog boxes.

And lo, it auto-created an A record where "Points to" = "Forwarded"

You can't just create an A record and type in "Forwarded."  You have to go through the dialog for creating a forwarding and check that you want it to update DNS records.  That will trigger auto-creation of an appropriate A record. 

Re: Resetting default DNS

I think i messed up my dns settings too. Please help me reset it back it to defaults. Thanks

I want to reset my dns record

when i try to forward my site to www then it broken and i don't know what to do now how to fix it. and delete some records to fix the issue