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Retrieving a removed domain

I lost access to my email and it took me a while to regain access so i could reset my godaddy password, by the time i was able to login again. one of my domains had expired, passed the redemption period and got removed from my account.


Is there any way i can get it back.


Urgent help needed.

Advocate VII

Hi @emmy9688,


It all depends on how long its been since you owned it.  Have you just checked to see if its available for registration?  If a domain auctioneer has not picked it up you might be able to purchase/register your original domain name.  If not, then you'll probably have to deal with the auction site to get it back.


Wish I had better news!


Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

There's always a way to fix that, all depends of GoDaddy. Humans are not a computer slaves. Humans created the computers and all programs associated with. If the creator of the program to get the domain cancelled and then take it an auction is always able to revert that program. If they cant do it what a shame.