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[SOLVED] Transferred Domain But... - Bluehost's C-Panel to do the transfer.

This is my first post. I really like GoDaddy.


My Bluehost site expires on September 8, 2016. I bought real estate from GoDaddy and went through the process of transferring everything, including the URL ( to GoDaddy. It seems, however, that I no longer have that particular name. Now, it's


Did I misunderstand something? I own the domain name, and went through Bluehost's C-Panel to do the transfer.


Edit: Tech support had to do some back door stuff to get some mis-matched fields corrected. Everything working fine. Thanks to Shawn/Sean over at tech support!

Advocate VI

It looks like your site was built at the temporary domain just to get it going. If you need to move a site from one hosting company to another, a temporary domain name is often used until things get synced up.


You just need to log in and make sure the domain name is pointing to that hosting package. Can you see the domain listed in the Domains section of your GD account? shows that the domain and hosting are both at GoDaddy. So I think it's just the disconnect between the two items.


Might be easiest to call tech support and they will walk you through where to change the settings.