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SPAM!! and privacy option.

Hello all community members,


I have domain privacy enabled whenever I register a new domain. For a few dollars a year I think it's worth every cent, but I still get some spam (much worse without privacy) like everyone, what IS hard for the spammers is to get through my spam filters. They simply won't because if someone isn't in my contacts, they go to the spam box. I can then choose what to do with them in my own time. But one or two become persistent and then I can choose to automatically delete emails from that particular account, or even waste their time with an automatic response and still off to the junk mail box. 

But there are certain ones that really bug me and everyone here too, THE SEO EMAILS...........

Well someone thought they were being clever today using different email accounts from the same email server to follow up:

  1. {not real server}
  2. { '' }

So.... I did what ALL Godaddy users should do........ I found out the email address to forward spam for those servers and forwarded it. Quite pleased that someone actually does monitor and listen at Microsoft (..and trust me, it is VERY rare I say nice stuff about Microsoft but I tip my hat today.),

I got the following reply a few hours after forwarding both spam emails. I know that these are automated emails, but I have no reason to believe they have not done what the reply says: Enjoy!!!




Thank you for letting us know about the questionable email you received.


We found it violated the Microsoft Services Agreement   The account is now suspended.


For additional tips on dealing with online abuse, phishing scams, and junk email in the future, please visit this page (





Microsoft Online Safety





It is indeed worth reporting spam emails if they are persistent offenders. I just hope that that person doesn't end up here with "My email account got suspended accusing me of sending spam" because Microsoft know if they are offenders or not, they just wait for enough folk to report it!!


Regards happy @Anonymous</a> Smiley Very Happy


Watch out spammers who exactly you send spam to Smiley Wink