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SSL certificate owner

I'm setting up SSL/HTTPS on my site using GoDaddy to do all of the work. I'm wondering if my real name (from my account profile with GoDaddy) will show up anywhere because my site is anonymous. Will anybody be able to see, for example, the SSL certificate owner's name? Any other way for somebody to figure out who I am?

This isn't anything top-secret or illegal, but it's easier if I stay anonymous. I'm not trying to hide from the FBI with a warrant, but I'd like to make it virtually impossible for anybody else.

Thank you!



Hi there @4um,


I can understand not wanting to have your information out there. If you have a Standard SSL Certificate, your information will not be visible. For Deluxe EV Certificates, your information will be visible.


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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