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Saw Ad For .99 domain transfer but cart says 7.99

I just googled to see if there were any deals because I'm thinking about leaving my current registrar and the ad says .99 domain transfers on google but the cart says 7.99 once I go to purchase, why?


Here is a link of what the ad looks like:

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Hi @philliesguy08,

did you read the details? It was probably .99 for first year of a two year registration. Please read the details of any offer carefully. 



no, nothing on the page says anything about 2 years.


It explicitly says .99 with a 1 year extension, nothing about 2 years.


again, why are they allowed to advertise something then change the price at checkout?Domain Transfer _ Domain Name Transferring Made Easy - GoDaddy - Google Chrome 2018-06-04 01.02.54.png

Hi @philliesguy08, thanks for posting.

You would need to check the details of the promotional discount. They should be listed on the page you took the screenshot from. If you are having trouble locating the details, you can call Support with the promo code that was applied and Support would be able to review it and discuss the details with you.


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