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Setup Nightmare! DNS records a mess, can't login to WP Admin

This is such a nightmare and I cannot find ANYTHING online about this. I have a GoDaddy domain and a GoDaddy Basic Managed Wordpress Hosting. I 'set up' my domain and chose the purchased WP. Clicked through until I arrived in the backend of Wordpress, but at the top was a warning saying it was connected some default domain. So went back to GoDaddy and connected it to the domain only to have Wordpress redirect to a ww83.[DOMAIN.COM].... I have deleted and restarted it three times. So then I went to DNS records and I have NO idea what they are even supposed to read, so that felt pointless. It looks like there are missing records but I don't know exactly what to put as this should be all automated. So then put my domain through some toolbox checker to have several errors come up: 

  Category Host Result

dmarc[DOMAIN]DNS Record not found
mx[DOMAIN]No DMARC Record found
mx[DOMAIN]DNS Record not found
spf[DOMAIN]DNS Record not found
mx[DOMAIN]DMARC Quarantine/Reject policy not enabled
dns[DOMAIN]SOA Expire Value out of recommended range


This is ridiculous. What do I do?