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Site transfer issue


I'd like to ask your help. My client asked me to transfer his WordPress website from Siteground to your host. It is done and I can see the site on my PC via host file. After I pointed the domain(from to your nameservers, It was done more than a day ago. After I went to DNS management but I still can't see your name servers and certainly the site is unreachable. Please help.





Hi @Andsmith


Thank you for your post. If the DNS is not  resolving it may be possible that the nameservers you are using are not the proper set for the current setup. Nameservers may change after adding domains to hosting products or selecting offsite DNS. 


My first recommendation is to view the DNS zone file directly through the GoDaddy account. At the bottom of the zone file you will see a pair of Namerserver which will be the appropriate pair to assign the domain to. 


To view the zone file:

    1. Log in to your My Products page.
    2. If you aren't automatically directed there, make sure to select the My Products tab:

My products tab

    1. Click Manage All:

Manage All

    1. From the top menu, click the DNS tab, and select Manage Zones:

Manage All


5. Enter the domain name you want to use and click Search.



If the pair of Nameservers in the zone match the ones the domain is assigned to and the site is still not resolving, please contact our customer support team for review with the issue to see what actions may be needed.


Best Wishes!


Hello TechFly,


Thank you for your reply.  In my opinion I did everything it has to be done. This is what I can see:


In Godyddy account
DNS Only (Off-site)              Not available             Not available
But I can see no nameservers.  I pointed the domain to your name-servers 2  days ago.
Please advice how to contact your customer support team:
  • I can't contact support via phone as I'm in Hungary and you have no local support,
  • I can't contact you via Email. I tried to write to but I was advised to get help from community. As far as I know community can't assist with specific account issues.
  • Chat is always offline,

Thank you,