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Subdomain length limit exceeded

So I'm using an external company to host my email, and one condition they have that I have to meet is to have a very specific subdomain and then tag a TXT record to that particular subdomain, this shows them that I own the domain and I have the right to use this domain for my own email.


The issue is that the subdomain they require me to make is something like this:


So I try to add a subdomain in my GoDaddy control panel, and I get an error message saying:


Length overflow error.


Is there no way to create a subdomain like the one above - otherwise won't let me use my custom domain with them.


Many thanks for your time!


Re: Subdomain length limit exceeded

I've randomly fixed this problem!


I just needed to add a new TXT record:


7fc682377503bb95170602fe6e28621e8177892c <code provided by>


and that fixed it.  Didn't need to add a subdomain.

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Re: Subdomain length limit exceeded

Glad to hear you were able to sort this out.  Welcome to the community!