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Subdomain redirect

Why is it that when i create a subdomain in this case  the redirection works no problem but I also setup as a redirection but whenever you go to that url it says forbidden it's trying to read the directory and there is nothing there because it's supposed to redirect to the youtube channel that i have already set




Hi @gfultz1


Thank you for your post. Since the second example is on the primary domain, have you set a "youtube" directory in the hosting to manage the redirect it is referencing? 


The way it seems to be setup is is pointed to the hosting platform, so when someone types in  they are referencing the hosting/sub-directory. If this is the case, that directory will need to have a rule that tells the routing that once that is referenced, it will need to redirect outside of the server.  


You may complete that rule by creating an index.php file with the following PHP redirect example (replacing the url with that of the redirect destination):

<?php header('Location: http://domain.tld'); ?>  


Hope this helps!