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Subdomain that forwards to a specific port number on the main domain

Hi there,

So I currently have my domain ( forwarding to my no-ip service ( as I have a dynamic IP address that frequently changes. That all works correctly, and I can access my sub ports by going to "" or whatever specific port I specify.


What I am looking to do, is create a subdomain ( and have it forward to a specific port number on my main domain ( so that all I have to do is type in the sub domain address, rather than the domain and port number. Is this at all possible?

Would I enter "" as the "forward to" under subdomain, or would I have to forward that to ""


I'm new to this whole domain process, I'm lucky that I've managed to get the root of the domain to forward correctly.


Thanks in advance!


Create the sub domain
in the GoDaddy Control Panel Click on the domain, scroll down where it's says forwarding, choose forward to: (replace with your IP and the port)
Choose forward type
Choose Forward with Masking to hide the ip if needed....