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Swapping domain names

My organization has 2 domain names. One is a .com and the other is a .org. Currently the default is the .com domain and the .org forwards to the .com. How would I switch that arrangement? My thought is that I would simply swap the DNS settings between the 2. Is that the correct approach?

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Hi @BSA-artists,

yes, more or less with a few minor details that I'm sure you can easily work out.

@Retired, Thanks for the reply.  I'm not so sure I can work it out so easily. My guess is that, to have the *.org address be the default, I would first remove its designation as a "forward", then have its "a record" point to the IP currently assigned to the *.com address. Then I would designate the *.com name as a forward.


Is there anything else I should do?

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Hi @BSA-artists,


I had a further think about this and decided:


I would first make full backups.

Then I would reset the hosting for each site.

Then when assigning a domain to that hosting you will get a dropdown choice, choice domain 'org' or 'com'.

Then reload the content (which takes but a few minutes usually).


Or you can go ahead and just forward each domain to the other.... But I'm tired at the moment but something veers me to the first method I have listed. Just please make full backups before proceeding.