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Teamspeak Connect / Website Redirect

My website is currently configured to redirect from to via a browser due to the forwarding in the DNS settings. If you are in a Teamspeak client, and you connect to, it allows you to connect to our teamspeak server via the IP in the A record. If you try to connect to that subdomain via a browser, you simply cannot connect. Is it possible to have also redirect to if someone tries to connect in a browser?


Thanks for any insight!

Community Manager

Hi @skrip037. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I'm pretty sure you'd be able to do this, though I'm not sure what the method would be. You'd have to use some form of DNS or server forwarding. Setting up an SRV might do it. You also may be able to use some form of .htaccess (Linux/Apache) redirect based on a specific port if you can host the subdomain somewhere. I don't know how to do those, but from my knowledge of them, one should work. Another community member may be able to comment further. 


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Thanks Jesse! I'll continue looking into it. If anyone else has insight as well, please feel free to say.