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The domain is no longer parked by GoDaddy

Greetings all...

I have already read all the solotions on this community it was helpful in some points about this Error.

I recently purchased a new domain called Travelzout in the first it works fine for me every thing is OK, after my internet got disconnected when I try to log in to my "WP-Admin" it gives me this error:

"The domain is no longer parked by GoDaddy" this is insane so I clean my Cash, Browser History, Restart my Computer, Contacting the Support.... nothing work.

I went to youtube to see if there are any solution but it's all talking about if you have a GoDaddy hosting nothing helpful.

I contacted the hostinh providers they tells me it's not there fault.


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your DNS is currently :




Try using the default godaddy DNS and forward to your hosting address.

Do you know there are a thing that I figure out it's the far away servers, the people in US when they enter to the website it looks very fine working fine, but others in Africa for example they have to wait a little bit when the change there servers name, thanks for HELP.


The solution is like you said just you have to wait until it's don.

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