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This domain is currently not approved for CashParking Shady behaviour on my account

I purchased a domain last week with the plans to park it, Today I checked and the domain was displaying add but it said this domain is parked FREE courtesy of go, daddy. So I went into my cash parking account and noticed it was not added, no big deal I remember setting it to not auto park. Seeing that they are parking my domain FREE I placed it on my cash parking account. and guess what? it now is not approved for cash parking magically!?  I have returned already 6 domains last month due to having this issue and support being useless, and now they seem to be able to make money off my domains but I can't. is anyone else having these issues? if not test it with a domain you don't have parked.


Yes i have the same issue and dont know how to fix it. I went through alot of articles online and verified settings based on whats been shared online but couldnt fix the problem.

Same here...did it ever get resolved? What was the issue?