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Time after time I get: site can't be reach, why?

Hi guys. I have a website ( ). It's hosted with godaddy and domain bought on godaddy. The NS/DNS setting I set up a while ago. So the problem is:

In 1 of 10 visits I get "site can't be reached" and I don't know why, because in 9 of 10 times - everything is okay. 

PS: when I check my site with gtmetrix, or pingdom - sometimes It's can't access my site, sometimes write to me: site loading in 90+ seconds and sometimes it type that : site loading in 2-7 seconds....

The same trouble I get with google mobile friendly check - time to time I get that - site can't be access, then - site is totally mobile friendly.

My site contains 3 videos on the main page, they are playing on the backgroud, I understand that It could be the cause of 90+ seconds in gtmetrix, but why I get : site can't access and site can't be reached ??? Please help.


also, I get full access to admin panel and cpanel...

Helper V

@mwalsh022, your home page downloads 3 MB of video, right? It could be that sometimes your ISP is overloaded. That home page is impressive but very heavy.


Check your cache. Most people have a large enough cache that subsequent visits would be faster because the videos would be cached, but then if you go elsewhere and fill up the cache then it will need to download the videos again.


I suggest trimming down the size of the home page. If you must show that entire video then you might be able to program it to begin with just a portion and then download more of it asynchronously in parallel with the first part but if you get delays of up to 90 seconds then parallel download won't help.