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Transfer - Was sent an email requesting you set the TAG for my domain


I want to transfer my domain to - They have sent me an email requesting you set the TAG for my domain to TJNF-DK.  I don't know what this means.


When you do this, they said they will get an email about it.


This is exactly what they said:


Transfer The Domain

To transfer your .uk domain to us, it is necessary that you contact your current registrar and request that they change the TAG (registrar) for your domain to "TJNF-DK".

When your current registrar has changed to "TJNF-DK" we will automatically receive a notification, where after we will update the DNS server and change billing information for the domain to, so that we in the future can renew your domain.


My domain is


I've already started the transfer out within domain management with GoDaddy.




Hello @steg90!


Welcome to the community! .UK domains have what's called an IPS TAG (Internet Provider Security Tag) that tells the registry which registrar the domain is currently registered with. Ours for reference is GODADDY. 😉 To transfer one of these domains, all that needs to be done is for the tag to be changed. To have yours changed, simply reach out to our support team and they'll get that initiated for you. 🙂


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