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Transfer domain away from GoDaddy (disabled)

I need help understanding what else do I need to do to be able to transfer my domain to another registrar.


My contact information on the domain was not touched since it's registration. The unlocking was done more 2 days ago. I saw in some pages a reference to 10 days to move the domain. Do I just need to wait more time for the "disabled" link to work properly?


Do I need to perform anything else to complete the transfer?

Super User II

In addition to changing certain contact details, a 60-day hold also applies from when it was registered or if it was transferred previously (10-days if moved between GoDaddy accounts).


Aside from these holds a common reason it would be disabled is Protected Registration.  This helps prevent unauthorized transfers, so it would need to be canceled if you really do want to transfer the domain.  If you purchased Protected Registration and it's yet to be set-up it still provides the protection, so you would need to set it up before canceling.

Domain registered in more than 300 days, no transfers (bought a new domain with GoDaddy).


No Protected Registration active. Activated 2-step verification + backup to see if anything changed.

Anything else I can do?