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Transfer domain - however not an easy one!

hey guys I have an interesting question

my client registered with a domain and bought hosting with my - huge huge mistake, the hosting does not work correctly

long story short I transferred the hosting to my hosting servers, and initiated the transfer process with go daddy, which went thru no problems, except that the domain is just registered so we have to wait 60 days until I can bring it over to my go daddy account


so far so good


however my client in so pissed she wants to get a refund from my however, (and here is the question)

what happens if she refunds or charges back, will the transfer be cancelled or is it in the system so I will gain control of her domain?


I hope that makes sense 


thanks guys

Former Employee

Greetings @RichardButler,


If she cancels her hosting purchase with the other registrar the transfer will continue (when it matures past 60 days) as long as the domain itself is not canceled. She has to tred carefully as it may be the domain is packaged with the hosting (maybe the registrar can isolate the domain from the hosting purchase in some way, if that is true).


Side note: Frequently people who have an issue with a domain purchased elsewhere suggest they will just cancel it there and purchase it here. NOT the recommended approach, Unless you are within a few short hours of the original purchase, there is a chance the domain will not be returned and will simply be held until it expires (therefore inaccessible). This is a good way to lose a name you had big plans for.


Your choice for her was absolutely the best option. Acknowledge the situation, change the nameservers, order the transfer and just wait until it matures to get everything in one place.


Kudos and best regards,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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