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Transfer from Wix to Showit/Wordpress - DNS Issues

Hey this is probably going to sound like a stupid question/topic, but I truly am so lost when it comes to all of this! I received an email from the ShowIt team after trying to connect my domain:


"Our team was unable to locate or access DNS records in your domain registrar account to assist you with configuring your domain for your new Showit site and blog. In order to officially launch your site you may need to contact your registrar and have them apply the following DNS records for your domain:


A Records:

  • @ or root domain pointing to ->
  • www pointing to ->
  • (wildcard) pointing to ->

When I try to change this myself, it doesn't match up? Please help!


Thank you in advance 🙂


Hi @StudioSkyla,


Welcome to the Community!

You can use the instructions here to update/change the DNS zone records on your domain. The article will detail each type of record. I also found this help article from your hosting provider that will walk you through the process with GoDaddy. 



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