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Transferred domain and need help connecting to my blog

Hi, hello I am new here. I just transferred my domain from wix to godaddy because google listed Go Daddy as it was needed for having my blog under the domain I used in wix. But I don't know what comes next. In Goddady, if I try to manage and put the codes Google gave me, it does not accept it  and if Google tries to verify it, I am not in Go Daddy. What do I have to do first? Common sense says that I have to be sure to be in Godaddy.  GD sent me e/mails as if every thing was done. But when I tried to apply it to the blog, it is not working. So, I am doing something wrong. I don't know the process, Wix does it for you while you are with them, but I was not happy with my page. Thanks a lot for your help.


So to make sure I read that correctly, you have your domain with GoDaddy and your blog is with Google, correct?


If so, Google (or whatever host you have the blog with) should have given you an IP address to point your domain to

Yes, but when I enter to follow google instructions there is only a www and a code. When I go to DNS Zone file, they say to go there, first to Domain, manage and DNS Zone File. Tthere are a lot of different things that are very hard to understand for me. I tried to make a guessing, but every time, fails.

Google instructions, at least in Blogger are vey simple,  and here they don't match.

I think I should cancel the whole thing and re/buy the domain.

They are very nice at the telephone in GoDaddy, but...

they could charge for doing the whole operation. Thanks very much, I read many people with a lot of trouble.